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Tips for Making Your Perfume Last Longer - Part Two

In the first part of our article, we looked at four ways to make your perfume last longer.

This article continues the theme and offers up a few more tips that will help you to smell the part, as well as look the part, for the entire day.

Apply to Your Hair

How many people apply their fragrance to their hair?

It doesn’t seem like the most natural place to use your perfume but it is one of the most effective.

Your hair is able to retain the scent applied to it for much longer than your skin. That’s because it takes longer for hair to absorb the liquid.

A word to the wise though. Use unscented shampoos and conditioners if you’re going to use this tip. If you don’t, the fragrance from the shampoo will clash with that of the perfume, which could create a scent combination that you don’t actually want.

And again, make sure you’ve dried your hair properly before applying.

Consider Your Clothes

Spraying your perfume onto your clothes is a risky proposition.

The fabric will retain the scent for much longer than your skin is able to. The trade-off is that some perfumes can damage some fabrics, especially when applied in large doses.

If you’re going to use this tip, check the perfume first. If it mentions that you shouldn’t apply it to clothes, don’t do it.

You should also be very wary of applying perfumes to delicate fabrics, such as silk. They may end up staining, which could ruin the item of clothing.

Store the Fragrance Properly

Moving away from how you apply the perfume, how you store it also plays a role in how long it lasts.

If you’re keeping your perfumes in the bathroom, it’s time to move them to a cooler and darker place. The constant dampness of a bathroom will affect the quality of the perfume, which means it doesn’t last as long even if you follow all of the tips in this list.

It’s a good idea to keep your perfumes on a shelf or bedside table. Retain the boxes too, as you can pop the bottle back inside to protect the perfume.

Apply it Carefully

It’s so easy to just grab the bottle, shoot a couple of sprays in your general direction, and call it a day.

The problem is that this could waste a good deal of your perfume. You’re not spraying it on the points of your body that hold the scent best. Plus, inaccuracy with how you spray leads to you wasting a good chunk of the perfume.

It hits the air instead of your skin and you’ve lost it forever.

Take your time when applying your perfume and be careful not to over-apply. This will help you to use as little as possible while still maintaining a desirable scene.

The Final Word

Combining the tips from part one and part two of this article will help you to retain your scent and make your perfume last for longer periods of time.

Now, it’s time to get your hands on some perfume.

Check out our full range to find the right fragrance for you.


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