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Article: Choosing the Perfect Oud Perfume For You – The Key Tips

Choosing the Perfect Oud Perfume For You – The Key Tips

Choosing the Perfect Oud Perfume For You – The Key Tips

The mainstream world is finally starting to wake up to a fact that the Arabic world has known for centuries.

Oud is the perfect ingredient for perfume and can offer amazing things to any fragrance that it’s used for.

Also known as Agarwood, Oud comes from the resin of a specific species of tree and it’s been used in fragrances in the Arabic world for centuries. Until fairly recently, it’s found its use limited to incense and traditional perfumes.

But now, it’s starting to make its way into more mainstream brands.


Oud offers a unique scent that’s completely natural. But with so many options becoming available, you may find it difficult to choose the one that works best for you.

These are the three tips that will help.

Tip #1 – Choose Based on the Occasion

Oud pairs well with a range of other fragrances. The key is that you make your choice based on the occasion.

For example, a blend of oud with spicy and fruity fragrances tends to work well for formal occasions or for the workplace. The oud complements the stronger fragrances well and managers to temper them so you still get an engaging scent without the risk of it being overpowering. The earthy notes that the oud offers to the mix work well here.

Blends that contains oud, vanilla, and pepper have a slightly earthy tone to them. The woody notes that oud brings to the table come to the fore here. In this case, the vanilla and pepper underpin the main oud fragrance, which leads to a perfume that’s ideal for casual use.

Look at the other ingredients contained in the fragrance. Your goal is to figure out if the oud is the dominant ingredient or being used to temper other ingredients and fragrance notes. May your choice based on this.

Tip #2 – Consider How You Apply the Perfume

Lathering yourself in a powerful oud-based perfume could lead to an overpowering scent that other people don’t find appealing.

By contrast, using too little of a milder fragrance could lead to people not realising it’s there in the first place.

Consider making your choice based on how you apply your perfume. If you prefer to just use a couple of drops on the wrist and neck, you’re likely to find that a more powerful scent works best. However, if you tend to pour the perfume into your hands to apply, go for something that’s a little more subtle so you guard against overdoing it.

Tip #3 – Test it Out

Some oud scents can feel a little overpowering if you just smell them based on the spritz. The ideal thing to do is to test it out. Spray it onto your skin and give it the chance to bed in.

Ask someone else to tell you if the scent’s overpowering. You’ll usually find that the oud notes become more subtle and pleasant once the perfume’s applied.

Now, you just need to find somewhere that sells amazing oud perfumes.

Elite Perfumery is the ideal choice. We offer a range of perfumes for both men and women, which you can find in our online store.

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