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Article: The Key Reasons to Use Perfume Oils

The Key Reasons to Use Perfume Oils

The Key Reasons to Use Perfume Oils

It can feel like you have thousands of choices when it comes to picking the right perfume. And if you’re part of the Muslim faith, it can be frustrating to see that so many of these options contain alcohol.

You want something that’s completely natural and halal. Plus, you want to make sure that the perfume you buy has that all-important staying power so that the scent doesn’t fade during the course of the day.

That’s where perfume oils come into play. In recent years, perfume oils have gone from a bit of a niche product to being part of the mainstream perfume offering. Here are a few reasons why.

Reason #1 – They Don’t Use Alcohol

Of course, you may want to avoid alcohol in your perfumes for religious reasons. However, alcohol also serves to create a slightly stronger and harsher scent, which may not be desirable even if you have no issues with rubbing alcohol into your skin.

Perfume oils are completely natural and won’t irritate your skin like alcohol might. They also tend to have a slightly milder fragrance, which is ideal for those who want to achieve a more subtle feeling with their scent.

Reason #2 – You Don’t Lose When You Spray

Have you ever felt like you’re losing a lot of the scent to the air whenever you use a spray perfume?

You’re not imagining things. According to Chandler Burr, who used to work for the New York Times as a fragrance critic, as much as 50% of the perfume in a spray bottle gets lost to the air whenever you give yourself a little spritz.

You’re not going to face that problem with a perfume oil. You apply the oil directly to your skin, so there’s no chance of losing any of that precious fragrance. Of course, this also means that you can use less of the oil to get the same effect that you’d get from a spray perfume, which means the oil will typically last a little longer than a spray.

Reason #3 – You Can Buy Them From Anywhere

This is a bit of an odd one!

Shipping spray perfumes, especially those that come with alcohol, is a lot more difficult than shipping perfume oils. In fact, some countries outright ban international shipping for spray perfumes. This means you get access to less variety or may have to spend a little more due to the manufacturer having to change its production methods.

This simply isn’t an issue with natural perfume oils. They’re shippable to anywhere in the world, which means you can buy an oil from any country and not have to worry about any undue complications.

The Final Word

Simply put, perfume oils offer a more natural and subtle type of fragrance that you’re not going to get with spray perfumes. They’re also more cost-effective and they’re the best choice for those who wish to stay halal when using perfume.

Elite Perfumery has a large range of natural perfume oils in our catalogue. Have a browse and we’re sure you’ll find something that appeals.

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