Ard Al Zaafaran Oud Al Shams Sample Vial

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Oud Al Shams Perfume Spray is one of the famous and popular Arabian perfume oil / attar by one of the world renowned perfume producer AL Zafraan It is very nice, soft and long lasting perfume oil.

It Comes in an amazing design with beautiful glass bottle . A well-presented oil in an amazing bottle with golden crafted and top red lid, perfect for a gift. It can be a very nice and beautiful gift box, it can also be a very nice personal collection.

All you need is a few drops on and it will last for rest of the day unlike other perfumes where you have to reapply.

Fragrance Notes:

Bergamot, Sandalwood, Cederwood, Musk, Amber


Ard Al Zaafaran Oud Al Shams Sample Vial