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Explore the newest additions to our fragrance collection at DXB Perfume. Shop the latest scents, curated with passion and expertise, and find your signature fragrance. Stay up to date with the latest fragrance trends and immerse yourself in a world of captivating aromas.

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Lattafa TeriaqLattafa Teriaq
Lattafa Teriaq Sale price£44.98
Lattafa Kismet MagicLattafa Kismet Magic
Lattafa Kismet Magic Sale price£35.93
Lattafa Ajayeb DubaiLattafa Ajayeb Dubai
Lattafa Ajayeb Dubai Sale price£30.00
Lattafa NebrasLattafa Nebras
Lattafa Nebras Sale price£35.00
Lattafa Opulent RedLattafa Opulent Red
Lattafa Opulent Red Sale price£15.00
Lattafa Fakhar GoldLattafa Fakhar Gold
Lattafa Fakhar Gold Sale price£22.94
Lattafa Now Rouge RaveLattafa Now Rouge Rave
Lattafa Now Rouge Rave Sale price£35.00
Lattafa Badee Al Oud SublimeLattafa Badee Al Oud Sublime
Lattafa Ameer Al Oudh Intense OudLattafa Ameer Al Oudh Intense Oud
Lattafa Al NashamaLattafa Al Nashama
Lattafa Al Nashama Sale price£45.00
Lattafa Al Nashama CapriceLattafa Al Nashama Caprice
Lattafa Al Nashama Caprice Sale price£45.00
Lattafa Ramz SilverLattafa Ramz Silver
Lattafa Ramz Silver Sale price£15.00
Lattafa Ramz GoldLattafa Ramz Gold
Lattafa Ramz Gold Sale price£15.00
Lattafa RaghbaLattafa Raghba
Lattafa Raghba Sale price£20.00
Lattafa Raghba Wood IntenseLattafa Raghba Wood Intense
Lattafa Raghba Wood Intense Sale price£20.00
Lattafa Qimmah WomensLattafa Qimmah Womens
Lattafa Qimmah Womens Sale price£25.00
Lattafa Qimmah MensLattafa Qimmah Mens
Lattafa Qimmah Mens Sale price£25.00
Afnan Edict Amberythme Eau De Parfum 80mlAfnan Edict Amberythme Eau De Parfum 80ml
Afnan Edict Amberythme Sale price£100.00
Afnan Edict Ouddiction Eau De Parfum 80mlAfnan Edict Ouddiction Eau De Parfum 80ml
Afnan Edict Ouddiction Sale price£100.00
Oud Elixir Rouge BouquetOud Elixir Rouge Bouquet
Oud Elixir Rouge Bouquet Sale price£25.00
Sold outOud Elixir Spirit of ArabiaOud Elixir Spirit of Arabia
Oud Elixir Spirit of Arabia Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Amber on the RocksOud Elixir Amber on the Rocks
Oud Elixir Amber OudOud Elixir Amber Oud
Oud Elixir Amber Oud Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Golden AmberOud Elixir Golden Amber
Oud Elixir Golden Amber Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Midnight OudOud Elixir Midnight Oud
Oud Elixir Midnight Oud Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Ruby OudOud Elixir Ruby Oud
Oud Elixir Ruby Oud Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Amber FleurOud Elixir Amber Fleur
Oud Elixir Amber Fleur Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Oud BlendOud Elixir Oud Blend
Oud Elixir Oud Blend Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Exotic OudOud Elixir Exotic Oud
Oud Elixir Exotic Oud Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir VoyageOud Elixir Voyage
Oud Elixir Voyage Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir ReflexionOud Elixir Reflexion
Oud Elixir Reflexion Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Precious OudOud Elixir Precious Oud
Oud Elixir Precious Oud Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Oud AmethystOud Elixir Oud Amethyst
Oud Elixir Oud Amethyst Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Belle FleurOud Elixir Belle Fleur
Oud Elixir Belle Fleur Sale price£25.00
Oud Elixir Gold ElixirOud Elixir Gold Elixir
Oud Elixir Gold Elixir Sale price£25.00
Sold outFlavia Cherry GhostFlavia Cherry Ghost
Flavia Cherry Ghost Sale price£35.00
Sold outFlavia Oasis de NeroliFlavia Oasis de Neroli
Flavia Oasis de Neroli Sale price£35.00
Flavia Cherry DelightFlavia Cherry Delight
Flavia Cherry Delight Sale price£35.00
Flavia Tangy CherryFlavia Tangy Cherry
Flavia Tangy Cherry Sale price£35.00
Flavia Noir OrchidéeFlavia Noir Orchidée
Flavia Noir Orchidee Sale price£35.00
Flavia FabFlavia Fab
Flavia Fab Sale price£35.00
Flavia Bois D'oudFlavia Bois D'oud
Flavia Bois D'oud Sale price£35.00
Flavia Tuscan EssenceFlavia Tuscan Essence
Flavia Tuscan Essence Sale price£35.00
Sold outFlavia Noir CuirFlavia Noir Cuir
Flavia Noir Cuir Sale price£35.00
Sold outFlavia Riviera NeroliFlavia Riviera Neroli
Flavia Riviera Neroli Sale price£35.00
Flavia Eclat de RosierFlavia Eclat de Rosier
Flavia Eclat de Rosier Sale price£35.00
Lattafa Velvet Oud Hair MistLattafa Velvet Oud Hair Mist
Lattafa Oud Mood Hair MistLattafa Oud Mood Hair Mist
Lattafa Oud Mood Hair Mist Sale price£25.00