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The Magic has arrived

Chapter 1

The Oud Elixir Quest Begins

Our journey began with the dispatch of golden tickets to two extraordinary influencers. Their mission: to experience the heart of Dubai, the essence of Oud Elixir, and the magic of the fragrance world.

Chapter 2

Dubai Dreamscapes

Dubai, the city of dreams, provided the perfect backdrop. Our influencers explored the city's vibrant culture, breathtaking architecture, and, of course, the aromatic wonders of Oud Elixir.

Chapter 3

Crafting the Fragrance

With renowned perfumers by their side, our influencers joined in the creative process. Witness the birth of Oud Elixir and learn how this magical scent was meticulously crafted.

Chapter 4

Behind the Lens

Our influencers turned photographers and documented their captivating journey. See Dubai through their lenses and feel the magic of the city's sights, sounds, and scents.

Write your own chapter

But the story doesn't end here. Oud Elixir invites you to join the journey! Become a part of our Influencer Programme, embark on your fragrance quest, and create your own narrative with Oud Elixir.

Oud Elixir's journey is your journey. A tale of scents, sights, and stories, waiting to be written. Are you ready to make your mark on the next chapter of the fragrance world? Join us and let's craft memories together!

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